Our committee


The Club is run as a not for profit organisation managed by a dedicated committee of elected volunteers.

The committee meets the second Wednesday of every month. The committee is elected at the AGM which is held each November, and everyone is invited to attend. If the post of any Officer or Committee member should fall vacant after such an election, the Committee shall have the power to fill the vacancy

If you are interested in joining the committee, have skills that the club may find useful or just want to get more involved please speak to Charlie Crafer.

The Committee has the authority to appoint a Head Coach and Assistant Coach(es) with the appropriate qualifications and experience. Conditions of appointment and expenses are by mutual agreement. The Coaches have no financial control but do have open access to the Committee

From time to time we hold fundraising events and have club outings. To enable us to keep you informed of these events and to ensure you receive upto date squad mailings please ensure your email address is included on the club application form and always let us know if you change your contact details.

Most of the general information distributed is also put onto the notice board, so it is advisable that parents also regularly check the notice board, located to the left of the door as you enter the Victory, North Walsham.

Key contacts: 

Chairperson – Kirsty Smith

Membership Secretary – Jane Bussey

Welfare Officer – Louise Harris

The rest of the Committee:

Vice Chairperson – Jo Barwick

Treasurer – Kathryn Curtis

Secretary – Julia Pagan

Schools Co-Ordinator – Guy Metcalf

Swim 21 Co-Ordinator – Kathryn Curtis

Squad Representative Co-Ordinator – Kirsty Smith , Jo Barwick

Website and Kit Ordering – Jo Barwick

Advertising – Julia Pagan

Front Desk and Fundraising – Sarah Muirhead, Sonja White

Squad Representatives: 

Kirsty Smith

Guy Metcalf

Jo Barwick

Sonja White



Swim at Victory

Swim at Aylsham