What to expect and how to prepare

When attending a gala please arrive in plenty of time so that you are poolside ready for the warm up session.

Upon arrival the swimmers can go straight through to the changing area whilst parents queue to enter the spectators’ area.

Once changed swimmers should go and meet their team poolside taking with them:

  • Swimming hat
  • Goggles
  • A towel to dry off after each race
  • Club t-shirt to wear in between races.
  • Food and drink. Haribos or jelly cubes can be useful to maintain the swimmers energy levels between races (no chocolate). Water or weak squash (no fruit juice or fizzy drinks).

Once the team is assembled the team coach will provide all necessary instructions for your races.

Remember the most important thing is to do your best and enjoy yourself!

Swim at Victory

Swim at Rossi's