Annual Club membership:

£35.00 payable on 1st January each year, which includes Category 1 ASA registration.

Monthly Fees:

Monthly fees are essential to pay for pool hire and coaching. It can work out as little as £2.75 per swim, depending on your training schedule.

  • Masters and Triathlon   £36 per month (2+ swims per week); £26.50 per month (1 swim per week)
  • Junior Masters              £26.50 for 1 swim per week or £36.00 per month for 2 swims per week
  • Squad A                        £68.00 per month (2+ swims per week)
  • Squad B                        £60.00 per month (2+ swims per week)
  • Squad C                        £52.00 per month (2+ swims per week
  • Development                £38.00 per month (2+ swims per week
  • Bridging                        £28.00 per month
  • One swim per week squads A,B,C and Development
  • 1 hour session £32.50
  • 1.5 hour session £40.00

To enter some levels of competitions a Category 2  ASA registration is required £17.55 in addition to annual membership fee.. This will be notified to you if/when required.

Category 3 ASA registration £6.50.

If you have any queries regarding any financial matters please email Jane:learn2swim@norfolkvikings.co.uk

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