Try out sessions

Free Try-Out Session

See if your child is ready to join The North Norfolk Vikings

First Monday and Third Wednesday of each month – 6.00pm at The Victory Swim & Fitness Centre, North Walsham.

Sometimes it feels better to dip your toe in the water before you dive in!

Joining a competitive club can be a daunting move for any child wishing to fulfil their dream of swimming at a higher level, the simple fact is, you will never know how good you really can be unless you try. During your first visit, it is obvious there are children of all abilities swimming at the club, but please don’t be phased by this as all the swimmers started their journey in exactly the same way.

The swimmers, coaches & volunteers are very friendly and always willing to help.

Contact us to give it a go or just turn up and you’ll be made welcome.

On the night our designated coach will conduct an individual assessment based on how well you swim.

They will then decide which squad will be best suited to your abilities.

Once you know which squad you will be joining, you can take advantage of the clubs one-month trial membership  for just £30.

We are confident. During your progress at The North Norfolk Vikings Swimming Club, not only will you make new friends you will feel part of the team & look forward to continuing with your swimming.




Swim at Victory

Swim at Aylsham