Annual Report 2021


Welcome to the first review of the year booklet. I thought it would be nice to have a review summing up the year and outlining the forthcoming year alongside the reports that will follow at the AGM. I am hoping that by having the information beforehand, members can attend the AGM informed and able to support the committee in its recommendations for the future years.

Following a non-year in 2020, 2021 has had many successes and plenty of encouraging signs to take forward into 2022. We started the year with the massive channel swim by Romilly, Isaac and Noah and have just finished Club Champs which saw over 200 swims from 36 club members.

I hope that you find this booklet useful and a good reminder of all that has been achieved this year – there has been a lot and we still have next weekend’s competition to look forward to.

Many thanks and I look forward to seeing you all on Friday 19 November.



 AGM Friday 19 November

The AGM will be held at 7pm on Friday 19 November at Northrepps Village Hall, NR27 0LB. In previous years we have asked for a buffet, however due to Covid restrictions we are unable to do this this year. If you wish to bring nibbles / food for your table then please feel free to do so. Drinks (including alcoholic drinks) are allowed for consumption by yourself and guests. Tea and Coffee will be available.

On completion of the AGM there will be a presentation of awards from club champs and the annual special awards. This will be followed by a disco.

AGM Agenda

1 Opening of meeting – Chair

2 Apologies – Chair

3 Confirmation of  previous meeting (will need a proposer and a seconder)

4 Presentation of Annual Report – Chair

5 Presentation of Coach’s report – Lead Coach

6 Presentation of Treasurer’s report – Treasurer

7 Election of committee

Current committee. All have agreed to stay where names are present. Please see later on for explanations of the role.

Chair – Sarah Buchan 

Secretary – Gapped

Treasurer – Jane Bussey                        

Membership Secretary – Jane Bussey 

Welfare Officer – Louise Harris 

Second Welfare Officer:  Gapped

Swim 21 Co-ordinator – Guy Metcalf

Fixtures Co-ordinator – Gapped

Social Media / website – Gapped

Fundraising – John Holden  

Other committee members: Becky Horne-Morris

Squad A1 & A2 – Anna Drake 

Squad B1 & B2 – Craig Sayer 

Squad C1 & C2 – Gapped

Development – Gapped

Masters – Spike Buchan 

Tri – Guy Metcalf 

  1. Vote of thanks to outgoing committee (Julie Coleman and Stuart Dyble) – Chair
  2. Notice(s) / motions – Chair

We would like to propose a change to the constitution so that the accounting year runs from April to March rather than September to August. There will be no other changes to the constitution and the AGM will remain in November.


From the current constitution:

14.5 The financial year of the Club shall be the period commencing on 1st September and ending on 31st August. Any change to the financial year shall require the approval of the members in a General Meeting.

Proposed change is:

14.5 The financial year of the Club shall be the period commencing on 1st April and ending on 31st March. Any change to the financial year shall require the approval of the members in a General Meeting.

We will require a proposer and seconder.

10. Any Urgent General Business – Chair

Please send any items to Sarah by the 16 November

11. Closure – Chair

Committee roles and volunteering

The committee has worked extremely hard this year to restore and recover the club following the impact that Covid had in 2020. However, we cannot do it alone and we need more of you to help us to continue to deliver the best that we can for all of our swimmers. Below is a brief overview of the roles. Please feel free to contact Sarah if you wish to know more.

Chair – set the strategy for club alongside its members and work closely with the treasurer to ensure that the club is financially viable. Chair the committee meetings and ensure committee members are supported in achieving their roles. And anything else that needs doing!

SecretaryTo handle all the correspondence sent to the Victory address and pass onto the appropriate personnel and reply after consultation if needed. To take minutes at the committee meetings and AGM. Prepare agendas with the Chair and give notice of same. Liaise with Norfolk County ASA regarding county wide issues. Co-ordinate the Annual Report.

Treasurer – To handle all the financial affairs of the club, including swimming fees, calculating budgets, ensuring all invoices are paid and issuing invoices as necessary. Full records are updated regularly. Liaise with the Chair, Secretary and committee as necessary. Provide reports for committee meetings and produce the annual accounts.

Membership secretary – Deal with all aspects of new members from the initial point of contact to becoming members. Ensure all swimmers, pool side staff and volunteers are registered in the appropriate categories with Swim England and maintain these records.

Welfare – To advise on welfare issues within the club and its members. Second welfare officer is to support if needed.

Swim 21 Coord – Coordinate the annual return to Swim England.

Fixtures Coord – To liaise with the chair and coaches as to what events to enter. Collate the entries for competitions and liaise with treasurer regarding payments.

Social mediaUpdate website as and when required, to liaise with the Chair about specific content where necessary. To work with a website designer to build the new content and site.

Fundraising Generally to raise funds for the club, through legal means writing grant applications. Seeking out and securing sponsorship. To make sure that the club fulfils its grant and sponsorship agreement. To engage in appropriate fund-raising ideas and projects. The more the merrier for this role!

Squad reps – To be the link between the club and the swimmer by sending out information from the committee, answering questions on kit, training etc and supporting new swimmers learn about the club and competitions.


The following fixtures are confirmed. Please take note of the dates and look out for entries. Competitions are being filled quickly so please ensure you get your entries in as quickly as possible.

Month / Date


Venue / Location

Level / Length

Closing Date

Jan 22

Sat 22 – Sun 23

Norfolk County Champs – Distance events (weekend 1)


All qualifiers


Feb 22

Sat 5 – Sun 6

Norfolk County Champs – Weekend 2


All qualifiers


Sat 12 – Sun 13

Norfolk County Champs – Weekend 3


All qualifiers


Mar 22

Sat 5 – Sun 6

CONSC March Long Course


50m Level 3


Sat 12

Diss Springboard meet (ideal for development and squad C2)




Sat 26 – Sun 27

Warwick Thompson




Apr 22

Fri 15 – Sun 17

CONSC Easter Meet


50m Level 1


Jun 22


County Challenge





Summer regionals

Ponds Forge

50m Level 1 – all qualifiers


Jul 22

Sun 10

NCASA and East Region Open Water Championships

Whitlingham Lake



Nov 22


NNVSC Club Champs

Victory Pool

25m – not licensed


Guide to the four levels of licensed meets

All licensed meets are subject to Swim England Regulations and the Swim England Technical Rules of Racing. They are graded into four levels.

  1. Level 1 Meets are long course (50m) only and cover National, Regional and County Championships. Their purpose is to enable athletes to achieve qualifying times for entry into National, Regional and County Championships.

  2. Level 2 Meets are short course (25m) only and cover National, Regional and County Championships. Their purpose is to enable athletes to achieve qualifying times for entry into National, Regional and County Championships in short course.

  3. Level 3 Meets are long and short course events. Their purpose is to enable athletes to achieve times for entry into Regional and County Championships and other Meets at Level 1 or Level 2.

  4. Level 4 Meets are entry level events in pools 25m or greater. Borough Championships are an example. They are for inexperienced athletes and swimmers seeking to compete outside their club environment. If times are good athletes progress to Level 3 Meets.

We are also looking at having another development with Beeston Hall Prep School in the summer (Jun / Jul) and possible Gresham’s in February for those who did not qualify for Counties. There will be more added as the year goes on.

Chair’s report

Before we start, I would like to spend just a couple of moments reflecting on the last year. Last year’s AGM was challenging to say the least and not just because it was online and my tech skills aren’t the best! We were all making plans, that none of us knew whether they would be fulfilled or not.

With uncertainty about how Covid would play out and with another lock down looming I think the mood was not great, despite mine and Noah’s attempt at lightening the mood with our dancing skills. However, the committee were busy working away in the background to ensure that the club would come out stronger in 2021 – and I have to say, it has!

The Level X competition at the end of last year gave us all some hope and allowed the coaching team to identify where they needed to focus when we could all eventually return to the pool.

We have strengthened our links with City of Norwich swimming, now having 4 link swimmers in their Regional and National squads. With this extra training the swimmers’ times are coming down quickly with one, Isaac B achieving 3 Regional qualifying times and both Noah B and Michael S placing in the top 15 nationally for their best events. These links ensure that we get invited to their galas and some of their in-house time trials. It also means that Sam, other coaches and the swimmers benefit from the coaching expertise of their Head Coach, Alex.

We unfortunately lost our Learn to Swim at Aylsham in July. This was a massive blow for the club as we had been swimming there for nearly 40 years and the income brought in well needed revenue. But not to be deterred we sought other options. We now have a partnership with Rossi’s in North Walsham whereby we advertise their Learn to Swim and send enquiries to them and they pass on their stage 7 and above swimmers to us. There are also other benefits such as meeting spaces and if there wasn’t a covid vaccine clinic on today we could have been there free of charge.

While some local clubs have struggled with numbers and swimmers returning post-covid we have seen an increase in numbers and all bar a few swimmers returned. This has boosted our numbers and allowed us to change the squad structure so that we now have a smaller range of abilities in each squad. It also allows for a clear progression through the club when the swimmer has met the required level to train at the next level. Thanks go to John for his sterling efforts in writing up all that Vikings have been doing and raising the profile of the club.

We had a massive fundraising effort at the start of returning to swimming in May with Romilly H, Isaac B and Noah B completing the 22 miles of the English Channel in 12 hours 5 mins. Between them they raised over £2000 for the club and the Norfolk Rivers Trust. John has also been fundraising and we secured funding for a new pace clock and funding for new swimmers joining the club through our development pathway.

We are in the best financial position we have been in for many years, thanks to the diligent work that Jane tirelessly puts in to ensure that all fees and funds are collected. I recall attending my first AGM 5 years ago where the picture was not so buoyant, and the savings were constantly being tapped into to support the running of the club. The loss each year was nearly £3,000 which was unsustainable, it is pleasing to see that this year it was less than £200. I am hoping that next year we will be able to return to some of our old ways of fundraising, such as bag packing and other social events, which used to bring in good funds for the club. The club will be working hard to ensure that we do not return to such high losses again with the loss of the Learn to Swim and that the club becomes sustainable without the additional income.

We have had two official galas this year and a development gala against Beeston Hall School, this gave our younger, less experienced swimmers a real taste of racing. I promise racing indoors is much more enjoyable than that cold afternoon, but well done to all who took part and gave it their all. There have been some fabulous results in the pool, and it was great to see so many of the swimmers taking part in Club Champs. The numbers qualifying for Counties this year are at an all-time high for the club and I have no doubt that Vikings will once again come away with top finishes and PBs.

This has been a most successful year for the club and one that I am proud to be Chair of. I feel that we have come out of Covid stronger and more secure to move forwards. I am looking forward to 2022 being a great year for our swimmers where their hard work will pay off in pool. This work could not have been achievable though without the hard work of the committee, coaches, parents and above all the swimmers. Well done and I look forward to the successes of 2022 and beyond.

Coaches report

Covid 19 is still with us, yet we are learning to deal with it and understand how it affects training and impacts on swimmers’ goals. Thankfully, we have not been hit too hard with cases and the swimmers remain in good health.

As a club we had a fundraiser earlier in the year, where three swimmers swam the distance of the channel in the Beeston Hall School pool. These swimmers were Romilly, Isaac and Noah along with support swimmers that helped though out the day. It was great to see many of the other swimmers come along and support the trio.

I have been in regular meetings with my mentor, Alex Pinniger, City of Norwich Head Coach, and he has helped me understand short, medium and long-term training schedules and different ways to write sessions to get the most from the swimmers and help them progress. This has all helped us get ready for competitions this year and we have had some great achievements.

The first event of the year was Midsummer Madness. Being Long course, it was a real test for the swimmers who had not competed for over a year and only returned to training two months earlier. This competition saw a lot of good swims; we had 15 top three places and more importantly 59 PBs. This event saw Harry H compete in his first gala outside of club champs and he swam a very impressive 100m free under 60 seconds.

Our second gala that we attended was held by Diss Otters at the Sportspark. This saw 12 swimmers attend this meet and we had many of our younger swimmers at the meet for their first foray into the world of competing. We saw again many personal best times and first-time competition swims; this meet also saw Viking’s swimmers getting qualifying times for next year’s County Championship in January and February 2022. We still have one more gala to go at the end of the month and I am sure there will be more PBs and more qualifying times.

This year we also had Chloe J and Isaac B attend an open water course at Whitlingham Lake, hosted by Norfolk County ASA in lieu of any open water championships. I think it’s fair to say, while one loved it the other did not!

Unable to find any OW swims hosted by Swim England; Isaac entered an OW swim at Holme Pierpont (the home of National OW events) which was being put on by Outlaw triathlon. He placed 2nd in the U16 category, finishing the 1.2mile (2km) course in just over 35mins. This was also the venue where our Chair, Sarah, took part in her first Ironman which she says will be her first and only Ironman but I guess we’ll have to see about that! Sarah finished 3rd in her age group in a little over 12 hours. Later on in the year, coaches Sarah and Roxanne both took part in the Great Yarmouth triathlon. Roxanne has also found the love of tri and open water events after taking part in many this year. I am sure she already has some planned for next year.

At the beginning of September both Romilly and Isaac took part in the City of Norwich distance time trials. Romilly finished her race in 12:12.90, narrowly missing out on a County qualifying time. Isaac finished his race in 10:45.36 placing him first in his age group and qualifying for Counties and only 5 seconds off a regional time for next year.

Also, I have been competing in Masters competitions. I went up to Scotland for their nationals and won the 200m free to become Scottish National Champion. Just six weeks later I went to Sheffield for British National Masters where I swam faster than in Scotland and came 4th in the 400m free. This achievement I’m hoping will inspire our younger swimmers and proves that swimming doesn’t

Training will now focus on Counties in January and February 2022; a schedule has been put in place to ensure that the swimmers that have qualified will be ready to compete and achieve their best.

Also, with this in mind next year there will be a focus on Counties 2023 where we as a club will have many more qualifiers as there are a lot of new swimmers that have joined all squads of the club and their hard work is already paying off.

Let’s keep working hard together,

Many thanks Sam

Treasurer’s report

Balance Sheet, year end 31st August 2021



Squad fees



Victory club


Triathlon fees


Aylsham club


Pay as you Swim


L2S Aylsham


Adult swimmers




Try Outs




Fund Raising






Pool Hire

Victory club








Aylsham club


Membership fees triathlon


L2S Aylsham


Membership fees squads


Cat 1


Open gala entries


cat 2


Swim England






Open galas


Admin expenses


closed galas




L2S Tues




L2S Fri








Interest 31 Dec






Loss for year


Kit held in stock



Current Account

Opening Balance 1 Sep 20


Closing Balance 31 Aug 21


Savings Account

Opening Balance 1 Sep 20


Closing Balance 31 Aug 21


Currently NNVSC are in the best financial position that they have been in for many years – something to thank Covid and lockdowns for, as although the club had no income during these periods, we also had no outgoings, therefore we were not losing money. On return from the first lockdown, Everyone Active were able to offer some discount in pool hire which again has helped the expenditure. Aylsham High School again, reduced the pool hire initially.

The loss of the learn to swim revenue will make an impact to the club’s income as this section was running at a profit – albeit a small one, but this helped to boost the club’s funds.

Our biggest outlay is pool hire followed by the wages paid to the coaches.

The other biggest outlay is galas as the admin money does not always cover the extra expenditure required for officials i.e. coach passes (including team managers) and coach wages. This is something that, hopefully the club can absorb in the future.

Due to the recent increase in fees, restructure of the training / squads and the addition of several new members into the lower squads the club are currently breaking even. Hopefully this will continue throughout the coming year.

My thanks go to Sarah, our chair, for her continued support and advice on matters and to John for all his hard working in securing various grants.


Thank you to all who have supported the club over the past year and hopefully will continue to support us through the next year. I look forward to the success enduring as we continue to grow and strive to make Vikings a welcoming and supportive club for all to enjoy.

Swim at Victory

Swim at Rossi's