Triathlon Training

Vikings Triathlon Training is based at the Victory Swim and Fitness Centre.

We cater for most levels of athletes and train in each discipline once a week, as a stand-alone session. Some only participate in one or two of the disciplines, others do all three.

Costs are £5.00 per swim or standing order for  £13.00  for 1 swim per week or £26.00 for 2 swims per week,  with annual membership of £20.00 payable 1st February.

Coaching is available on Fridays  with Guy Metcalf with three lanes catering for all abilities.

Sunday session Plans written & attended by Mark Harman, with up to two lanes depending on numbers.

We currently offer swim sessions only. Our members link with other clubs for Running & cycling.



Friday night Triathlon Swim night


Sunday night triathlon training

17.00- 18.00pm


Regular rides on Sunday morning 08.30 from Victory Swim & Fitness


Will be arranged shortly!  If you are interested please contact or call 07584 753409

Swim at Victory

Swim at Aylsham