Toby Corfield took five gold medals and a silver at an Open Gala held at the UEA Sports Park whilst Lily Herring broke the para Eastern Regional S10Junior Record when they both represented the North Norfolk Vikings Swimming Club.
For Toby it was the Individual Medley event where he excelled. In the 200m he recorded a personal best time of 3:12.94. for gold  However, In the 100m he was pushed all the way but just hung on to win gold by one second in 1:30.13 and subsequently reduced his time by 23 seconds!
Lily Herring broke the 400m freestyle Eastern Region junior para 10 record by scoring 5:36.33. This was six seconds faster than when she won the recent gold medal at the Regional Championships in Luton.
The other gold medallist was 11 year old  Reuben Seaman in the 200m breaststroke when he recorded a personal best time of 3:42.03
Other medals followed when Ruby Tracey achieved Bronze in the 200m breaststroke with 3:03.5. Then the following also won bronze medals in personal best times. Lewis Goultry 50m freestyle 26.97,  Sophie McKee 100m back 1:14.42 and  Grace Parker  100m backstroke 1:31.16.
Lead Coach Sam Watts confirmed that as the end of the year is approaching, Vikings won 198 medals and had 592  personal best times in 2023.