Swimming Opportunities For All (SOFA) is not just for existing club members but for the wider community. It ranges from learn to swim through to regional and indeed national performance level. Our key priorities at the moment are to rejuvenate participation post covid at all levels and increase the number of students participating, so that more can enjoy safer swimming and for others, return to quality sport and healthy competition. Our top squads, 1 & 2, were are striving for excellence and we want to get this focus back as soon as possible. The NNVSC is the smallest club in Norfolk but has in place a progressive system from learn to swim to regional and national level. If you would like to take part in SOFA – either the learn to swim – or try out for the squads contact Jane  There is currently a charge for participation although rates are very competitive. All sessions are currently being held at beeston Hall school, Beeston Regis.