11th August 2019


Dear Vikings Triathlon member


The Vikings Committee has undertaken a recent review of the squads and lane usage to ensure that the Club is covering the costs of lane hire and coaching.


The Friday Triathlon session is currently running a significant financial loss particularly over the Summer months. To allow the Friday Triathlon sessions to continue there needs to be enough Triathlon swimmers on subscription and it is no longer financially sustainable for swimmers to “pay as you swim”. There is an opportunity to swim on a Wednesday 7-8pm and Sunday 5-6pm if you are unable to swim on a Friday or the Friday Triathlon session is discontinued; this would be open to those on subscriptions.


The Committee have decided to add an adult lane on a Wednesday 7-8pm which will have a session written by a coach and supported by one. This lane will swim alongside masters and is not masters level. Although, if you are suitably able to join them you may.


The Committee therefore needs to be able to have in place by 31st August 2019 enough regular subscriptions from triathlon members to allow the Friday session to continue. If we do not have enough subscriptions by this date there will be no further Vikings Friday Triathlon session unless there is enough interest and subscriptions in the future to re-start.


Fees for a weekly swim is £15 per calendar month and twice weekly £28 per calendar month  and annual membership fee is currently £25 a year and needed for registration with the ASA and insurance purposes..


Those Triathlon members who are not currently on subscriptions and/or not paid the annual membership fee please arrange by contacting Jane Bussey ( finance@norfolkvikings.co.uk)  if you would like to continue being able to swim on a Friday Triathlon session. Please could you also indicate in the event the Friday session is discontinued whether you would swim another session or cancel your subscription. If a response is not received, it will be assumed that you no longer wish to swim with Vikings. For those who have not completed membership details and category 1 form this is also required if you wish to swim with Vikings. These documents are also attached.


If you have any questions about these changes please contact Vikings Chair Sarah Buchan or Committee Member Becky Horne. If there are questions about the subscription set up please contact Treasurer Jane Bussey.


An update will be communicated in the first week of September to confirm the sessions available to Triathlon members after this time.


Yours sincerely


North Norfolk Vikings Swimming Committee